Michael Rosen, great children’s author / poet / story teller

Michael Rosen (picture from sevenstories.org.uk)

One night while late-night-browsing (looking for material/activities to do with the children the following day) I stumbled upon Michael Rosen’s website. Michael Rosen is a children’s author who started performing stories from his books on video.

He started performing his stories when one of his books went out of print and he found no one to reprint it. He subsequently asked his son to film him performing the stories so that they stay available to the world.


Michael Rosen’s website
Michael Rosen’s website, videos
Michael Rosen’s website, videos "My Family"
Michael Rosen’s website, videos "Hypnotiser"

As a short presentation: Michael Rosen is a British children’s author (author of well known “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”). He was appointed as Children’s Laureate between 2007 and 2009 (Children’s Laureate is a position awarded in the United Kingdom once every two years to a distinguished writer or illustrator of children’s books, people such as Quentin Blake and Julia Donaldson have been appointed Children’s Laureate).
I encourage you to read through his articles to get to know him and what he does a little more. He is a very interesting person with very interesting things to say.

Michael Rosen’s blog, where he puts his thoughts on children’s literature, education and more

Links to the videos I most highly recommend:
Michael’s big book of bad things (part 1)
Michael’s big book of bad things (part 2)
Michael’s big book of bad things (part 3)
Michael’s big book of bad things (part 4)
Chocolate Cake
No Breathing (aka Strict)

I haven’t watched all the videos… I don’t appreciate each video I watched equally, but there are true gems in the lot. I really encourage you to have fun browsing through these videos with your children. It is completely child appropriate, sometimes hilarious and it counts as school work. It’s poetry! 😉