Michael Rosen, great children’s author / poet / story teller

One night while late-night-browsing (looking for material/activities to do with the children the following day) I stumbled upon Michael Rosen’s website. Michael Rosen is a children’s author who started performing stories from his… Continue reading

DIY: soft cloth book for babies

The story of this book starts when I stepped inside a small toy store of handmade toys. Everything was so inspirational! I fell in love with everything. I wished I had my camera… Continue reading

DIY: Montessori Red and Blue Number Rods

Here is a recent addition to our homeschooling math sessions¬†: the Montessori red & blue large number (metric) rods. The rods can be used to help children with numbers from 1 to 10,… Continue reading

Cardboard Pirate Spyglass

This is a cardboard spyglass I made with my boys as a make believe accessory (pirates, ship captain and whatnot). Materials used to make the spyglass: a sturdy cardboard roll (like those from… Continue reading

Learning how to read progress – Shhh! (sh, ch & th)

My two 5 year olds have just reached a new milestone on their reading journey. sh, ch and th ! Just those 3 sounds open up a whole new world of words to… Continue reading

How-to: build your own Qwirkle game

Today, I’d like to share pictures and explanations on how to build your own Qwirkle game. This is a game that has won several awards including the Mensa award (hey, I didn’t know… Continue reading

How-to: make and play a one dimensional 4-in-a-row / connect 4

Before you even start thinking about building this, you might be wondering just how on earth do you play a 1D-4-in-a-row / connect 4 ?! The rules are quite simple: two players, they… Continue reading

How-to: make coconut Zen bowls

Each time we get coconut to eat, we use the shell to make bowls that we can reuse for something else. We use them for decoration, for eating snacks like peanuts and trail-mix,… Continue reading

CVC words worksheet for children learning how to read

This morning, during our sit down working time with my two 5 year old boys, I had them do this activity sheet I had prepared myself. If you wish to use it, you… Continue reading

How-to: make fingerless mittens

I made these super easy mittens in about a half hour (pattern drafting, testing and all included). I made these for my children, but you could easily follow the steps to make adult… Continue reading